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Multi-Share Plan

UTMB 3-Share Plan

In July of 2008, UTMB launched the first multi-share health benefit plan in the state of Texas.  It began as a pilot program with 180 working uninsured individuals and grew to assist more than 500 members in one year.  The plan was offered to small business owners located in Galveston County and employing between two and less than fifty employees.  UTMB secured a $1.6 million grant from the Houston Endowment, Inc. with a goal to provide vitally needed health care benefits to working uninsured and to develop a model that could be replicated by other communities.   Although not an insurance plan, the health benefit plan allowed members to access health care services provided mainly by UTMB. 

TexHealth Coalition

Together with five other regional multi-share programs, UTMB 3-Share Plan formed the TexHealth Coalition, formerly known as the Texas Communities Health Care Coalition. The coalition is a voluntary association of Texas communities that have come together to identify options to reduce the number of uninsured working individuals within their communities while maintaining local and regional flexibility.  TexHealth Coalition is comprised of the following five regional programs: Brazos Valley, Central Texas, El Paso County, Harris County and North Texas. For more information about TexHealth Coalition, go to www.texhealth.org.

UTMB Multi-Share Plan

The 3-Share Plan pilot program’s success is documented in the Evaluation of the Impact of the 3-Share Health Benefit Plan on Enrolled Employees and Employers by principal investigator Dr. Alexander Vo, PhD.  The initial members of the UTMB 3-Share Plan two year pilot  are now being  converted to a new UTMB Multi-Share Plan with premium assistance grant funding from the Texas Department of Insurance. The new UTMB Multi-Share Plan will cover up to 500 members through August, 2011.

The UTMB Multi-Share Plan promotes the use of primary care, preventive care and participation in innovative health care models, such as the UTMB Community Health Program – Outpatient Chronic Disease Management Program and the Galveston County Health Information Exchange.  It is a limited health benefit plan that emphasizes access to appropriate primary and specialty care services mainly provided by UTMB.  The plan offers Galveston County small business owners, employing between two and fifty employees, the opportunity to provide affordable health care coverage to their employees.   Plan participation, benefits, exclusions and providers can be found at www.utmb.edu/multishareplan

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