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What is OLLI?

Learning for the love of learning!
College-level curriculum, taught by experts,
for those 55 and over

No credits, exams, grades, or homework
No previous education required

Our Mission is ~
…to provide a welcoming environment for all those 55 or over through a collaborative program, in semester-length, college level courses. Curriculum is designed by learners to meet specialized interests, capitalize on unique regional resources and environment, and utilize local experts for faculty.

Courses ~

  • Most courses meet once a week for two hours and last for eight weeks
  • All classes are held in daytime
  • Class size ranges from 16 to 150 learners
  • Some learners enroll in 3, 4, 5, or more courses
  • Generally 2 semesters per year – in spring and fall with special Summer School
  • New courses each semester join enduringly popular courses
  • Summer School 2005, 2006, 2007,2008, 2010– 2-hour seminars led by local experts

Special Events and Presentations ~
Extraordinary lectures, seminars, and field trips each semester enhance regularly scheduled classes. Learners and their guests have welcomed internationally acclaimed speakers such as Demetria Martinez novelist, poet, spiritual activist; best-selling authors Gabriele Rico, Steven Pratt, MD and Larry Dossey, MD, respected advocate of mind/body medicine and spirituality in healthcare.

Meet the Learners ~Participating for the love of learning
Hundreds of registrants each semester from:

  • Diverse cultures and creeds, national origins, socio-economic groups, and levels of formal education
  • Men and women from Galveston, Houston, Katy, Clear Lake, Alvin, LaPorte, and far beyond

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